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Introducing our Chinese Zodiac Rooster Mini Bundle, a vibrant and stylish collection of stationery that embodies the cuteness and confidence of the Chinese Zodiac Rooster. Embrace the flair and assertiveness of this zodiac sign with our carefully curated assortment of rooster-themed die-cut sticky notes and sticker flakes.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Die-Cut Sticky Notes: Our die-cut sticky notes are a perfect fusion of form and function. Each sticky note highlights the Chinese Zodiac Rooster, embodying the majestic qualities associated with this zodiac sign. These sticky notes are ideal for jotting down important notes and reminders while adding a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Sticker Flake Sack: Unleash your creativity with our Chinese Zodiac Rooster sticker flake sack. This sack features a captivating collection of 10 distinct rooster-themed designs, with 3 of each design. The stickers are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring vivid colors and durability.

Whether you're a fan of the Chinese Zodiac, a rooster admirer, or simply seeking to infuse some flair into your daily routine, our Chinese Zodiac Rooster Mini Bundle is a stylish choice. Invite good fortune and add a touch of cuteness to your life with these striking sticky notes and sticker flakes.

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