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Lucky Bag Love, LLC



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Introducing the Squirtle Lucky Bag - an enchanting assortment that will make any Pokémon enthusiast's heart leap with joy! This bag is curated to bring a smile to Pokémon fans.

  • Pokémon Plush Pouch with Keychain 13cm - Squirtle: Carry the playful spirit of Squirtle with you wherever you go with this charming 13cm plush pouch. Featuring Squirtle's endearing design that includes a handy keychain, you can now keep your favorite Pokémon close at hand.
  • Pokémon Yellow Pikachu Pouch: This stylish pouch in the vibrant shade of Pikachu Yellow is perfect for storing your essentials. Showcasing Pikachu’s face up close, it's a fashionable accessory that celebrates your love for the Pokémon universe.
  • Pokémon Fancy Jigsaw Puzzle 300-Pcs Pink Let’s Go Pikachu & Friends: Embark on a puzzling adventure with this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring Pikachu and its companions. While the puzzle box may be slightly bent, rest assured the puzzle pieces are pristine and ready to offer an engaging and delightful experience.

Enjoy the magic of Pokémon with the Squirtle Lucky Bag, a captivating collection featuring the delightful Squirtle plush pouch, a stylish Pokémon Yellow Pikachu pouch, and an engaging 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. Embrace the nostalgia, relish the adventure, and celebrate your love for Pokémon, all while enjoying a discounted price on the puzzle due to its slightly bent box and its imperfections!

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